Soft Comfort®

Our Soft Comfort® sandals are created with super-soft relaxation technology to ensure true flexibility, cushioning and comfort. Our overall goal: we want the person wearing our shoes to feel like they are “walking on a cloud.”

The medium height wedge provides a stress-free lift and is contoured to cradle the foot’s natural form. Plus, there’s extra cushioning, elasticized uppers and breathable fabric linings with extra backing. These unique features, combined with our timeless style designs, create a most appealing — and affordable — footwear experience for the consumer.

Fashion detailing is evident throughout the collection. You’ll find a wide range of sandals and flats adorned with top-stitching, ornamentation, metallic accents and embellishments. In short, we provide the ultimate footwear experience: fashion, style, comfort, quality and value.

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Where Sold

Soft Comfort is sold at fine independent, department and specialty stores across the country as well as online retailers.

Sam Moon

Her Favorite Store

Ada Boots


Alec’s Shoes

Merle Norman

Alan’s Shoe House

Elias Shoes

Foot Solutions

Hansen Shoes

Hy Step

Kyles Shoes


Red’s Shoe Barn


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